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Background and Objects 
ADE Corporation represents an Aggressive, Dynamic, and Excellent company.  It is an innovative company and a pioneer in its industry which was first established in 1989.  With significant experience for more than 40 years in management, sales and systems application, Mr. Michael Yu, Chairman and founder leads the company actively engaged and specialized in areas of Telecommunications, Radio  Communication, Security & Surveillance, Radio & TV Broadcasting, Instrumentation, and Multimedia.
One of the core objectives of ADE is to develop and penetrate the market for today’s high-technology products and to be one of the leading distributor and providers of exceptional sales service to local organizations and institutions.
*not only being a successful distributor but also to be the systems integrator.
*strengthen and enhance service & consulting to support sales.
*actively seek strategic partners to meet customers’ requirements.
*always grasp the marketing trend to adjust company strategy.
*integrity, transparency and commitment embody the core values of the company.
ADE’s team with its strong technical background, experience, and knowledge, are skilled in systems design, network planning, and are a unique provider of systems solutions and after sales maintenance to satisfy customers’ needs.
Some of the projects that have been implemented previously are as follows: 
1.      HF Coast Radio System for Taiwan Telecom.
2.      VHF Coast Radio System for Taiwan Telecom.
3.      VHF Radio Net with Microwave Link for MND.
4.      HF Transmitting System for MND.
5.      HF Antenna System for MND.
6.      HF Shipboard Radio Net for MND.
7.      Hi-Power Acquisition Radar for MND.
8.      Data Acquisition System for MND.
9.      Shipboard Radar for Navy.
10.  Radio Communication System for Lawenforcement Agencies. 
11.  Automation Broadcasting System for various public and commercial radio stations.
12.  RF & Studio Equipment for TV Stations.
13.  VHF/FM Radio Net for Taiwan Power Company.
14.  Radio Communication System for police.
15.  Studio-Transmitter Link for Broadcasting Station.
16.  High Power Short Wave Transmitter System for public radio.
17.  TV Stereo Sound System for TV Stations.
18.  Downconverter & IDR Modem System for Satellite Station.
19.  Digital Encryption Two-way Radio Communication System for Government VIP Net.
20.  Voice Communication & Control System for Coast Radio.
21.  Transposer System for TV Stations.
22.  NAVTEX Broadcasting System for Taiwan Telecom.
23.  Digital Audio Automation System for various public & commercial radio stations.
24.  Data Acquisition System for Indigenous Defense Fighter. (IDF)
25.  Digital Backbone Microwave System for China TV. and Chinese Television System.
26.  Non Linear Editing System for Post Production.
27.  Various Legal Interception and Monitoring system for Lawenforcement Agencies.


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