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DaletPlus News Suite

Raise the Bar on Your Newsroom Expectations
Despite the rapid advances in Information Technologies (IT), video compression and desktop processing power, the digital newsroom solutions available today are based on dated designs and cumbersome architectures. Scripting, video editing and browse applications use separate databases, user interfaces and administration modules. Maintenance is difficult and expensive. Newsroom automation systems do an adequate job handling ingest and playout, but do little to reduce the manual operations in between. Valuable metadata, vital in fully leveraging the benefits of digital production, is lost or simply not captured, requiring expensive and time-consuming manual data entry to compensate. The net result are islands of old-school technology hampered by forced workarounds.

Enterprise Software-Next Generation Productivity
DaletPlus News Suite is a set of enterprise-wide news production and automation solutions that take advantage of the latest, high-performance, mission critical IT technology to deliver unparalleled interoperability, “log-on anywhere” access and innovative workflow options. Source material, work in progress and finished packages are shared and instantly available on the desktop . . . or remotely through a standard web browser. Journalists produce more stories in less time with unique rights-managed workflow tools that enhance newsroom collaboration and productivity. Metadata is captured automatically, reducing the burden of manual data entry and accelerating access to online or archived material. Further, Dalet’s integrated asset management and archive capabilities enable quick access to online, near online and offline libraries allowing broadcasters to replace expensive and cumbersome analog libraries with fast-access, compact digital ones. Built-in redundancy and a fault -tolerant architecture helps ensure mission-critical reliability no matter what the size of your news operation.

Fault Tolerant
DaletPlus News Suite embraces IT standards and with it offer cutting-edge performance, more technology options and higher reliability at lower costs than proprietary solutions. Based on these latest advances in IT technology, system redundancy for mission critical operations is available at all levels. From the processor level, through storage and power-supplies . . . even duplicate networks and workstations can be established for the ultimate level of reliability.

DaletPlus News Suite includes:

  • DaletPlus NewsWire
    Next Generation Newsroom Computer System
    Everything you expect in a comprehensive newsroom computer system plus breakthrough features such as customizable metadata forms, a single cross-media database, integrated video browse and journalist editing. Used with the DaletPlus InterWeb client users have multi-location production capabilities.

  • DaletPlus MediaCutter
    Desktop Video Browse and Editing
    Browse, log and edit clips from any desktop. Shared clip-bins and a rich metadata infrastructure deliver a streamlined workflow that helps journalists get stories to air faster.

  • DaletPlus Ingest
    Automated Multi-Channel Ingest
    Dalet's Ingest module features advanced scheduling, multi-resolution recording with loop record, router control, a timeline ingest manager and edit-while-record capabilities.

  • DaletPlus OnAir
    Manual and Automated Playout
    Dalet's OnAir module delivers A/B roll playout, channel assignments, standby channel with video carts, drag & drop to air and auto-cue capabilities.

  • DaletPlus News Archive

    News Asset Management and Archive
    The first asset management system built specifically for news offers client and web-based asset management tools that integrate with MOS compliant NCS such as; AP ENPS and DaletPlus NewsWire. Automate the creation of low-res content based on aired rundowns or other definable rules. Powerful search tools offer quick and easy access to assets across multiple servers and locations. Quickly archive, search in low-res and retrieve high-res from DVD or tape libraries. Used with the DaletPlus InterWeb client users have remote access to archive material.

    What is DaletPlus News Suite?
    DaletPlus News Suite is a set of innovative enterprise-wide software modules for newsroom computing, video browse and editing, automated ingest, playout, archive, and asset management. News Suite components use one operating system and one cross-media database and feature “log-on anywhere” access for flexible production workflows.

    What is DaletPlus
    DaletPlus is the underlying enterprise-wide architecture for the latest generation of Dalet broadcast solutions. A product of one of the most comprehensive software development efforts in the industry, the DaletPlus enterprise-wide media platform empowers all DaletPlus products with:

  • User Rights Management
    An incredible capability to administer not only access rights but also access to system features. This allows a simplified, targeted workflow whereby administrators can define specific access to assets, functions, rundowns and schedules. Administrators use a central user interface for managing features, functions and distributed resources across the entire enterprise network.

  • Flexible Metadata Management
    Simultaneous access to daily footage and feeds is a benefit of most digital news systems, but the DaletPlus architecture provides the ability to customize the metadata wrappers of every element in the system. This flexible data model allows for metadata schemas specific to your operational needs. Live tucks, camera crews, freelance cost codes... nearly everything you can think of can be added and tracked in the news production workflow.

  • Workflow and Notification Management
    DaletPlus uses an embedded workflow engine to provide advanced status management for all assets. Users can subscribe to automatic notification services to track media and story status across every step of the workflow. Every object in the system - video or audio, Word doc, URL, PDF - can have a status assigned to it. That status can be set to change at select points of the workflow or when the object’s location in the database is changed. The status change can then set off a notification to specific users, trigger a format conversion, and start a file migration and more.

  • DaletPlus
    serves as the foundation for DaletPlus Radio Suite, our music programming and news production solution for radio broadcasters, DaletPlus ActiveLog, our video logging and production system and DaletPlus Media Library, our comprehensive media asset management solution.

  • Open architecture reduces risk.
    DaletPlus News Suite solutions manage every step of the news production process. Yet the modular design and ability to use open protocols such as MOS and XML gives broadcasters the flexibility to integrate News Suite modules with the servers, NCS and editing solutions of their choice. This open alternative to other vendor’s typically propriety requirements reduce your cost and long-term risk. Since standard IT solutions evolve in a non-disruptive manner, broadcasters can be confident that their investment today will reap a lifetime of use.

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