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DaletPlus Media Library

Comprehensive Media Asset Management

DaletPlus Media Library offers broadcasters a unique approach to managing and using their digital media assets. It combines state-of-the-art video server management with file migration management; leveraging the power and cost effectiveness of standard IT platforms. An entire broadcast facility - research, production, programming, marketing - can easily access digital assets through one user friendly environment. Productivity and collaboration are raised to a whole new level. 


Unlike traditional solutions, DaletPlus Media Library manages the complete lifecycle of content. From ingest to archiving, DaletPlus Media Library facilitates access rights, modifications and publishing. DaletPlus Media Library offers more advanced functionalities than any other system at a lower capital investment cost and a lower cost of ownership.



DaletPlus Media Library Highlights: 



Powerful Asset Management. Any number of assets relating to a project may be associated into a single media object including video, audio, graphics, text, templates or automation instructions. Flexible metadata forms allow detailed descriptions of assets.

Workflow Management. DaletPlus can be configured to meet any workflow requirement for managing quality control processes and production assignments.

Productivity Enhancement. DaletPlus user friendly storyboarding tools allow people with minimal editing skills to mark in-and-out points, record comments and package content.

Sharing and Collaboration. DaletPlus facilitates the sharing of video clips among team members. It provides tools to import and export EDLs and video clips as well as perform background format conversions for quick and easy viewing of media. This eliminates the time-consuming process of handling of taped-based media and improves program quality.

Intelligent Storage. Eliminate expensive tape handling costs by digitally archiving content on hard-disk storage, tape libraries, and removable optical media. The mission critical production material can be kept online and protected using replication, backup or mirroring. Automate the movement of the original content to a less costly near-online or offline storage management systems.

New Opportunities. With DaletPlus it is very easy to create new channels, publish metadata and video on the web, or enhance a program with interactive content.

Complete Interoperability. DaletPlus is not a system of several inter-connected islands, which is a source of many problems with other solutions. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end system that can: control video servers for ingest, create low-resolution proxies through software-based conversion and control background transfers between video servers and standard IT online and offline storage platforms.

3rd Party Integration. DaletPlus embodies over a decade's worth of experience in interfacing with third-party systems including program management, traffic management, and automation systems.


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