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1、Actus Digital                                                                                           Israel

      Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring System, Post-Broadcast Repurposing System, Rating

      Analyzing System, Automatic Content Detection & Ad Tracking System, Remote/Local Broadcast

      Verification & Monitoring System.

2、AeroNexus System                                                                               Israel

      Full real time mobile tactical-operational – maintenance platform for Airlines Fleet.

3、AEQ S.A.                                                                                                 Spain

      Digital Audio Mixing Console, AOIP Router & Networking System, Broadcast Monitor, Software.

4、Antenna Products Corp.                                                                     U.S.A.

      UHF, VHF, MF, LF, LP, Surveillance Broadcast and Tactical HF Antennas, Wideband Communication

      and Jamming Antennas, Instrument Landing System Antennas.

5、BriefCam, Ltd.                                                                                       Israel

      Video Synopsis System – Extract Value and Actionable information from recorded surveillance video with

      rapid, accurate review.

6、Delta Electronics, Inc.                                                                          U.S.A.

      Antenna Matrix Switch, Coaxial Switch.

7、Digigram SA                                                                                          France

      Digigram End User Sound Cards, IP Audio Codecs and Audio Over IP.

8、EdgeCast / T-Mobile                                                                            U.S.A./Germany

      NaNo---NetAnalyze and NetOptimize, CDN Solution, Content Caching, Media Streaming, Application

      Acceleration, Security, Analytics.

9、HanJin Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.                                                        South Korea

      MF/HF Radio Transmitter, NAVTEX Transmitter, Radio Beacon Transmitter, DGPS Transmitter, AM

      Broadcast Transmitter, FM Broadcast Transmitter, Antenna Tuning Unit.

10、mPrest System Ltd.                                                                           Isreal

        Smart City System, Detection and Tracking System, Disaster Management Command and Control

        System. Coastal Protection Command and Control System, Intelligence and HQs Command and

        Control Systems.

11、Mobile Viewpoint                                                                                Netherlands

        Live Video Over Bonded 3G & 4G, Anywhere and Anytime, Backpack Solutions, Handheld Solution,

       19" Rack Solutions, Security Solutions.

12、Radiacion Y Microondas S. A. (RYMSA)                                        Spain

        FM Broadcast Antennas, FM Channel Combiners, Antenna Systems for Secondary Air Traffic Control

        Radar System.

13、Rapid Mobile (Pty) Ltd                                                                       South Africa

        Software Defined Modem and Controller, LF & HF Modem and ALE Controller, Wideband HF & V/UHF

        Channel Simulator, Tactical Data Terminal, Secure Data Terminal with HF and V/UHF Modem, Secure

        Voice Modem, Embedded HF/VHF Modem Modules.

14、Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies SPA                         Italy

         TV Transmitters, DAB Transmitters, Gap Filler.

15、Spectra Engineering                                                                          Australia

         P25 and Conventional Radio Repeaters & Base Stations.

16、TenTec Inc.                                                                                          U.S.A.

         Multimode HF DSP Receiver.

17、TransOceana Limited                                                                       New Zealand

        GMDSS, NAVTEX and DSC software products.

18、TransRadio Sender Systeme Berlin AG                                        Germany

        AM Broadcasting Transmitter, VHF/FM Broadcasting Transmitter, DRM Broadcasting System, LW

        Communication Transmitter.

19、United States Antenna Products, LLC                                            U.S.A.

        NVIS antennas, Portable Discone Antenna System, Loop antennas, Antenna Rotator Systems.

20、Verint System Ltd.                                                                               U.S.A./Israel

         Legal Interception and monitoring system for Wireline, Wireless, Satellite and Internet.

21、RF Industries Pty Ltd (RFI)                                                                Australia

        Base Antennas, Mobile Antennas, Repeaters and Rebroadcast Products, In-Building Coverage Design

        and Optimization.

22、RWL Water                                                                                          Isreal

        Ultrapure Water Treatment Systems, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Desalination System, Water

        Reuse & Recovery Treatment System, Waste-to-Energy, Food & Beverage Processing.

23、WinMedia Group                                                                                 France

        Radio Automation System, TV Automation System, WebNews Broadcast Platform, Radio/TV CRM

        Solution, Multi-Channels Recording System.

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